GRP Rotating covers provide the same benefits as our conical and beam and infill covers but are specifically designed to suit tanks with a scraper system installed. Our covers are designed to integrate with the existing access bridge for the scraper system and are usually light enough to be rotated by the existing bridge motors.

Depending on the existing tank configuration, a 'petal' or beam type design can be chosen and for additional odour control, rubber seals or skirts can be provided. The supporting castor wheels can be accessed for maintenance by dedicated access hatches or in the case of the 'petal' type design the whole cover is modular in construction for easy maintenance.

As with our other covers, rotating covers can be supplied with a full range of access hatches, connection flanges and vented cowls. Existing fittings and penetrations can be accommodated with custom designed housings. Where required we can also utilise steel or stainless steel components to connect with existing structural components.

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Rotating GRP Covers

Key Services We Offer:


Custom fit Design

Integration with existing structures

Odour control seals

Petal type rotating cover.
Integration with existing bridge.
Detail of bridge.
Beam type rotating covers.
Design of petal type cover.
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